Dental tourism in Albania

Dental Tourism In Albania it was born in the last years after the great success obtained by Croatian Dentists; in Albania, the cost of living is lower is among the lowest in Eastern Europe, and consequently, the prices for dental services are the most accessible so that Albania in the last few years has become a destination for Dental Tourism so much that foreign patients who come to treat teeth in Albania have been growing exponentially over the past few years

Not just from Italy; in Albania, they are starting to arrive from every corner of western Europe, such as, for example, from France, Belgium, and England.

The proximity to southern Italy and above all to Puglia is one of the points in favor of Italian patients who decide to travel to Albania to treat the health of their teeth.

Albania has many dental clinics, a staff of highly qualified and competent doctors, which in the last period is starting to develop and give life to Dental Tourism.

Travel to Albania

For our patients we prefer air travel. Tirana can be reached from the main Italian airports in about 1 hour of flight. The main companies that operate flights to Tirana are Alitalia, Ernest and Blue Panorama.

To conclude

Tirana is the home of tourism in Albania due to the high quality of dental clinics and materials used for dental implants, arches or crowns.

The price of dentists in Albania is between 50% and 70% lower than in Italy.

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Some interesting places to visit

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