Orthodontics studies and corrects anomalies that can affect the position of the teeth, the growth of the maxillary bones (upper jaw bone and mandibular bone) and the relationship between the two dental arches (malocclusions).

These anomalies may depend on hereditary factors, on bad habits (oral breathing, sucking of the finger or lower lip) or on the premature loss of milk teeth or the early extraction of permanent teeth.

Orthodontics therefore aims to restore the relationship between the arches, facial harmony, chewing, phonesis and breathing.

Depending on the type of anomaly and the desired result, orthodontics can be mobile, with removable appliances, or fixed, with fixed appliances.
The mobile orthodontic appliance consists of resin plates, equipped with hooks to stabilize the device to the teeth and screws to activate it periodically; its usage time depends on its function.

The fixed orthodontic appliance consists of plates, also called brackets, which are glued to the outer surface of the teeth and through which thin metal wires are passed which, exerting forces on the teeth, move them slowly. The brackets are usually made of metal and are visible, but for aesthetic reasons, it is possible to opt for ceramic brackets, of the same color as the tooth.

In both cases, there is no risk of damage to the teeth, on the contrary the cement used to glue them slowly emits fluoride (which makes the enamel more resistant), exerting a protective action.

The duration of an orthodontic treatment can vary over two or more years, depending on the type of anomaly to be corrected, the evolution of the dentition, the general development or simply the patient’s collaboration, in the case of mobile orthodontics.

There are no age limits to undergo orthodontic treatment and the request from adults who want to solve difficult situations of the mouth and / or prepare for prosthetic rehabilitation is increasingly widespread.

Some Examples

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